Gill Children’s Services provides last resort funding for Tarrant County children whose medical, dental, physical, social, psychological, or educational needs have not been met by other community resources.

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Join the Do Gooders!

The Do Gooders have a silly name but make a serious impact! When you join the Do Gooders by making a monthly gift, you ensure a safety net for every Tarrant County child. It's the smart way to give! In fact, it's so smart that the Amon G. Carter Foundation wants to match your recurring gift.

Double Your Gift Button

Recurring gifts received between now and September 30, 2021 will be doubled by the Amon G. Carter Foundation!

  • $25 a month: enrolls one child in summer school to address COVID-related learning loss.
  • $50 a month: provides dental treatment for one child who is suffering with a toothache.
  • $75 a month: provides medication for four children while their insurance plan is lapsed.
  • $100 a month: provides birth certificates for 52 children to enroll in affordable housing.


Meet some Do Gooders

Ginsburg Profile

Perry Ginsburg

Do Gooder
Lehrer Profile

The Lehrers

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Hutchings Profile

TJ Hutchings

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Gifts eligible for the Amon G. Carter Foundation must be received by September 30, 2021. The term of the recurring gift must be weekly, monthly, or quarterly. The Amon G. Carter Foundation will match no more than $2,500 per individual donor.


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